Learn about the process of building a new home

VolBuild LLC As a top home designer in Pulaski and Fayetteville, he has developed cost-effective methods that make building your New House an enjoyable and seamless experience. These are the methods we use:

  • Building methods that work.
  • Locally sourced building materials
  • Highly qualified and easily available work pool.

These are just a few of the reasons we have been able to establish ourselves as the central Tennessee house-building company choice.

Step 1 – Have a conversation

We will be sitting down with you to discuss the vision that you have for your future home before we rush to get permissions. While we are naturally eager to get to know you and work together on the design of your home, as well as the associated building challenges, we also want to establish a trusting relationship with each other to support us in the journey. We are not just buying a house, we are building it. Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.

Step 2: Blueprints are opened and deals made.

We have now heard what your goals are for the new house. Now it’s time to tackle the issue of the final product. This process involves many phases. We will be there:

  • Check that the site is cleared for construction.
  • Discuss the future of the area.
  • Problems with the grading
  • The driveway location
  • Find out if any agreements restrict the construction process
  • Access water and sewer.

Step 3 – Create a Contract for Your Community

Now we have enough information to submit a contract for work. We will be available to provide you with a contract that defines:

  • Based on contractual criteria, the final price
  • Project completion time, including weather allowances and unavoidable delays
  • All branded items (windows and doors, etc.) are guaranteed under the contract
  • Any modifications approved to the plans prior to they begin
  • Modification of a contract during construction.